I should have done better research.

I am not normally someone who acts rashly.

I do a lot of research into anything I want to do or to buy.

I like to know if there is a chance of something going wrong. Maybe one person didn’t like the item I am looking at, or the hotel I want to go to. Is it a legitimate dislike, or just sour grapes. I want to know all of this. I couldn’t believe that I bought a central air conditioning system that I didn’t research. I also didn’t research the HVAC company that I bought the central air conditioning system from. I did go to the different HvAC companies in our area. I wanted to get quotes to pick out the best companies. Instead of comparing all of the quotes. I just chose the cheapest quote to hire the company. I wish now that I had compared the equipment they were going to install. I should have compared the scope of work and the cost of installation itself. I would have known they hadn’t put in new ductwork. I would have known they were installing a less than inferior air conditioning unit that was the wrong tonnage for my home. I would have known that the air conditioning unit had a very low SEER value, which showed how efficient it was. I would have known that the air conditioning unit had a low rating not just in efficiency, but in how well it worked. Since I chose this company and this air conditioning unit, due only to cost, I am now paying dearly for it.
HVAC worker