It feels good to be back home

When I went to college on the other side of the country, I totally missed my hometown.

All of my friends were back there and family members, and it was difficult living without all the people I loved. I met new friends and all, but they couldn’t really compare to my life-long friends that I had back in my hometown. I learned a lot and I was happy when I finally graduated. I decided to move back to my hometown where I was able to buy my own house. I honestly didn’t even want to rent a place, I didn’t want to throw my money away for rent. I actually had some buddies of mine help me find a really great place. I found a home that had a great HVAC system with a smart thermostat. The place wasn’t entirely huge, but it was a good size for me. It was just me and I wasn’t necessarily thinking about starting a family anytime soon. I didn’t even have a girlfriend when I moved back to my hometown! It was good to be back though and I felt like I was finally back home. It’s funny though, I met the right girl for me through my local HVAC company. When I was calling to have the HVAC system checked out, this amazing young lady came to my home. She was the HVAC technician, and a very skilled one. I asked all kinds of questions and she easily answered every single one of my questions. Eventually, I worked up the nerve to ask her out and she agreed to go out with me. In time, she finally agreed to move in with me and now we are living good in our happy home. In time, I want to ask her to marry me.

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