Fresh air quality in the home – so several air filters

This year I decided I was going to make major changes in our life.

I wasn’t going to keep going along with the things that made me unhappy anymore.

At other times I have not taken great care of myself, plus I’ve regularly push myself to the back burner. This year things are different. I am improving our life in every way, every single day. One of the things I undoubtedly wanted to change was upgrading our residing situation. I tend to let things fall by the wayside in our home. I am not particularly superb at keeping things clean plus tidy, plus I am not super organized. I wanted to tackle all of those problems this year. One of the things that has bothered me perhaps the most, is the low quality air the smell that has inside of our home. I know I am not super clean, however I also do not know I am dirty enough that our home should have a lingering smell in the air. I’ve tried tons of air freshener, candles, plus even some of those automatic release oil sprays. And nothing has made the air smell better permanently. At this point, I am considering that there might be something in the ventilation to improve this. I’ve been diligently changing out the air filters every week, just trying to pull out whatever this airborne contamination could be. So far, the air filters have been pretty disgusting when I change them out, so it seems appreciate I am doing something right. Still, it’s getting luxurious to buy all of these air filters each week. Luckily, I found some at Costco. They came in a several dozen pack for only $30. At this rate I can undoubtedly change out our air filter every single day.

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