We are a stargazing family, weather permitting

There’s nothing like going outside during the night and gazing at the stars with a powerful telescope.

  • I enjoy this so much, I even got my wife into it and my kids.

We always love to go out there, even on chilly nights. As long as the climate control system is working great, we have no issues being out there for long. Not only do we have a great furnace to keep us nice and toasty, but we also have a nice fireplace. I love keeping the fireplace going in the evening hours when it is freezing outside. When we are out there for a long time looking at the stars, we always love to come back inside to the heat of the fireplace. We even have hot chocolate and sometimes we even roast marshmallows. I’m so happy that we have such a comfortable fireplace. It really adds to the ambience of the home too. This is honestly a big part of the reason why we decided to go for this particular household, because of the nice HVAC system and the splendid fireplace. There is a really great balcony too where we do a lot of our star gazing. It’s really the perfect place to be able to see everything without having anything blocking our view. If I could, I think I would go stargazing every single night, but there are some nights when it’s just too freezing outside. And of course, the weather has to be permitting because sometimes it’s raining or snowing. You obviously can’t see the stars through a bunch of storm clouds.
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