I waited years

Every year we have family in for the holidays.  And every year whoever gets the back guest room complains loudly about how cold it is in there.  It has gotten to be so worrisome that family members are now drawing straws to see who has to stay in the cold room over the holidays.  That’s just no good. In fact, this year, I gave up our my own bed in my room so all the others could rest well. I went into that cold room armed with a section heater.  The section heating system did a little bit of something but, I was afraid to leave it on over evening. That first morning, I was so cold I could not get out of that room any quicker.  Once the holidays were over and all the family returned to their homes, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals. The heating and cooling tech who normally does the service on the heat pump came to see if he could help.  He had a temperature gun and measured several areas within the cold room. The Heating and Air Conditioning guy then went outside and took temperature measurements all along the exterior wall of the cold room. First, he found there was a immense air leak around a single window.  The window was not incorrectly installed as it had no foam insulation around it. Fixing this made an instant difference. The Heating and Air Conditioning guy also requested installing little fans on the adjoining wall. These fans are called room to room ventilators. They are able to pull moderate air out of a single room to help balance the temperature in the other room.  Looks enjoy next Christmas Santa’s little helper gets to stay in his own room.

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