I will be ready for more

I have joined several gyms over the years. It’s a wonderful opportunity as the money gets automatically deducted from our account, but I rarely ever show up; this has been the case time and time again.  However, this past year, I have started to take my health quite a bit more seriously, even down to paying attention to the food I eat and the times I eat. It’s not as fun as blasting 3 beers in addition to a meatball sub at midnight.  But, some things must be let go of I suppose. The healthier eating habits have reignited the desire to exercise. I did the numbers on all the gym memberships I’ve thrown money at only to realize a current home gym might be the ticket.  The complication is no room to have a current home gym. Instead I sort of made a gym out of my guest bedroom. I pushed the bed against the wall and obtained an incline treadmill. It works great except for the I pushed the bed to the wall in the guest kitchen in addition to obtained an incline treadmill. The temperature gets to hot in that room and when i crank the HVAC down everyone complains of the rest of the house being too cold so I resigned to being hot and sweaty during and after my workouts until the HVAC guy came over.  Our HVAC tech came by to do the seasonal service call on our HVAC system. I got to talking with him about our exercise situation and he had an immediate recommendation. The HVAC tech could supply that room, in addition to any others, its own independent control unit. He could simply convert our existing HVAC system to zoned controlled heating in addition to cooling. This way I could crank down the exercise/guest room into feeling like a meat locker and leave the rest of the house warmer. I am all in on this zoned control HVAC in addition to I can’t wait for it to get installed!