Can we have an OH Yeah for dehumidifiers?

When you work outside all day long, you don’t worry about the comfort that air conditioning gives you.

Living in the south, makes it important for most people to have air conditioning, but not me.

The sun is always beating down on me, whether it is seventy or one hundred, I am outside. I do have some things to make me more comfortable. I have the curtains drawn all day. This makes it a lot cooler in the house. I also have a dehumidifier. Humidity is more of a problem than the heat. When the humidity gets too high, you can’t sweat. When you are unable to sweat, your body’s natural response to cool off is unable to activate. That’s when people start getting sick. I have air conditioning in my house, but the thermostat is set so high that to most people, it is like not having air conditioning. The thermostat is at eighty-five, but my humidifier is always working. I want my humidity at no more than 50%. That is comfortable and I am cool. As long as I can get some sleep, I don’t worry about it. When I found out that I could get a stand alone dehumidifier, I went out and bought it. I know that air conditioners are supposed to have dehumidifiers in them, but mine doesn’t work well enough to do any good. I don’t know if it is the AC unit or the high temperature setting, and I don’t care. Since I have a stand alone dehumidifier, I am happy and comfortable. It doesn’t take much to do that as long as the dehumidifier is running..

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