I need a far better job

Over the years, I have worked at several dead end tasks… I’ve worked at bizarre eating establishments which were okay. I mean it was wonderful getting paid on a bi-weekly basis via cash tips. Something that consistently bothered me while working in this corporation though, was the climate control system. It seemed that no matter what the settings on the control unit were, you just couldn’t please all the people! All the time they were asking me to adjust the control component and it didn’t matter if I felt comfortable or not. Everybody seems to only prefer their own comfort, and I suppose that’s just how it is in our country.

            Eventually our boss would say that we couldn’t adjust the control component any longer and we would have to tell the people sorry, it’s against our policy. I even tried being a courier just collecting and delivering packages. That was an interesting task for a little while as I loved the fact that I was in full control of my climate control method and I was able to see the sights around the area. The thing that really angered me about that task was the absurd traffic which I would consistently get caught up in. And of course people would complain if their delivery was late regardless of the terrible traffic conditions!

             Later on I decided to go to a trade college to see if I could get my Heating and A/C certification. I heard that it is really not simple and you have to work to achieve such a certification. I was motivated by the money and the solid career choice that the heating and cooling industry gave.

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