I need new internal parts

New technology is something I find amazing. The new HVAC systems that are coming out are truly unbelievable. The smart control units alone are something that I have been wanting to get in my household, but something else that fascinates me are the 3D printers! It’s amazing that you can truly print just about anything with these 3D printers… You can use all sorts of materials as well for whatever product you want to print.

               The materials may range from odd types of plastics and resins to glass and even odd types of metals. I suppose it’s not too far down the road to where you can even print out the parts you need for your automobile or your HVAC system! That would be something else, right? Should I have worn parts in my HVAC, all I do is print out the new parts and update them without even having to order them! This technology is truly brilliant! Of course certain parts might be too complicated with the circuitry in addition to what not. However, parts that are made out of one type of material would likely be printed with this advanced technology so long as you have the blue prints.

              I wonder if in the future the technology will be so advanced, that we could print actual houses from enormous 3D printers. That would be so amazing to watch a house being printed – at least the framework and structure of the house… I honestly suppose with the rate at which technology is moving forward, all of us will eventually reach that time when these things are a reality..

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