I know that sounds strange

It is not  always so simple for people to find their true life calling. Though there might not be a lighted beacon guiding you along a particular straight and narrow path, there are ways to discover which way is right for you. It might sound strange, however your subconscious mind has a way of showing you that you are making the right moves…

          You should focus on your dreams, the people you run into, and locales that call out to you. A fine way to find what is best for you is to consider your childhood! What things did you prefer doing when you were young and what did you often dream about? This is a great way to find the real you because this was a time before you were made to fit in with civilization and to follow all the rules. You should pay special attention to the things that make you feel great, for likely the best thing for you to be doing in life is going to feel wonderful. Try to notice what makes you feel that way, then make sure you are not too distracted along the way of finding what is best for you. Do not get caught up in drinking at the bar and getting involved in activities like which hold you back from being the person you need to be.

             In my own case, when I was young, my Grandpa used to teach me how to maintain these old heating and cooling systems in the barn. My Grandparents lived on a farm so it was exciting to visit them. I enjoyed working with the goats and chickens, however the old gas furnaces and other types of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment really called out to me. I would always beg him to go out with me so we could try getting those machines to work. Around the time I graduated, I remembered how much I enjoyed doing that type of job when I was young. Finally, I decided to go to a trade school to get my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C certification. That’s how I found my life calling.