I can handle that

I absolutely need to take care of the air quality in my cabin gym. For a long time now I have noticed that I either breathe absolutely tough or easily. I guess a lot of it has to do with the temperature control. If the gym is too hot, I can’t breathe that good. If there is quality air conditioner, my breathing as well as workouts are great, then but, I also guess the humidity levels in my indoor air quality matter. Too dry of air I guess is better than too moist. Have you ever worked out on a tropical vacation? It is next to impossible. It feels savor running or doing push ups through paste. I guess I might need to get a dehumidifier for the gym to repair this muggy issue. But, I guess a real killer is how clean my air quality is, dirty air conditions I guess are what are affecting me. I always seem to have headaches as well as to sneeze a whole bunch. I guess my cooling system is dirty as well as that dirty air is ruining my breathing air. Cleaning the AC will only do so much. A cooling system is always gross. It gets mold, mildew as well as dust in it all of the time. It makes sense to clean the AC, however to also get an air cleaner for my gym. I could get an media air cleaner that installs right into my cooling system. The air purification device would work right with the AC. The AC would never have any dirty air coming out for me to breathe in. I guess I would assume better while working out if I had clean air quality.

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