We got just what we wanted

I have a rental property that has proven to be nothing but a pain in the butt. I get constant calls from my tenants. I have this one person Sally that I especially dislike plus constantly ignore her calls. She calls me about everything. If the driveway has snow, the toilet is blocked or if there is noise downstairs, I am getting a call. That is why her latest call took me awhile to get to. Sally called plus called me all week long. I finally picked up plus she told me that there were critters in the home HVAC duct… Critters in the air ducts? Yeah, I totally did not think her. I told her that they would eventually leave plus she should not call me again. Another week went by plus she called me hsystical that she could hear them chewing in the HVAC duct. I finally came over to see what was particularly going on. Turns out Sally was right. The outdoor vent to the HVAC equipment had a hole in it. A bunch of squirrels got inside of the HVAC duct plus began to chew plus make nests. I had to call an animal control company for the squirrels. I then had to call a HVAC professional to repair the damaged HVAC ducts plus outdoor HVAC unit. The whole heating plus air system was basically toast. It was such an fancy repair. I blame Sally totally for this though. If she did not call me all of the time, I would have been over sooner to catch the critters.