I am all about lists

If there’s a particular thing I hate, it’s the smell of chicken frying. I realize that sounds crazy to most people since fried chicken is probably one of the most delicious things in the world. And I didn’t say that I don’t prefer to eat fried chicken – I most certainly do! But I do not care for smelling the disgusting greasy chicken smell when it’s cooking. Unluckily for me, my husband Frank is the world’s biggest fried chicken lover. He would eat fried chicken every single day of his life if I would allow it, but luckily I’m around to force him to eat a salad every so often. Anyway, Frank has been driving me absolutely bonkers with all of the chicken cooking he’s been doing as of late. He’s definitely been smelling up the property as well as all I can actually think of is getting a whole property air purification system for the house. I read someplace that you can have a Heating and Air Conditioning equipment specialist install a whole property air purification system in no time at all! Plus, whole property UV air purifiers can run in tandem with your existing HVAC equipment. That way, whenever your oil furnace kicks on when the weather is frigid or when the a/c equipment turns on when the weather is incredibly hot, the air purification system runs at the same time. I believe it’s a brilliant concept, because, don’t we all have something that we cook in our property that we enjoy eating but do not care for the smell? I can definitely think of several things – fish, shrimp, tacos, hamburgers. I totally love to eat but I do not care for smelling something greasy, as well as I guess a whole property air purification system is the answer for us.