My new heater works great

Allergies are most definitely the worst. I have these terrible seasonal pollen irritations that hit me out of nowhere every single Springtime plus fall. Typically I feel that I’m just getting a cold or something, plus then I remember: oh, no. It’s that time of year again! And that time of year means that I am just about always blue if I have to be outside, no matter what the temperature is. It truly doesn’t matter if the weather is cooling off or heating up, either. Those allergens get me every time plus none of the allergy medication that I’ve ever tried seems to do anything for me. This past weekend I was talking to our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment worker who was at our property doing our routine maintenance check on our heating plus a/c equipment! He noticed that I was sniffling plus sneezing on a regular basis plus I told him it was just my pollen irritations acting up. I didn’t want him to believe he was going to catch a sickness from me. He asked me if I’d thought about putting in special air filters into our heating plus A/C equipment to help keep out some of the allergens. I said no, because I’d never undoubtedly thought about it before. He mentioned that some people with terrible pollen irritations will even have a whole property air purification system installed to run in tandem with their Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment to help keep the dust plus outdoor allergens out of the property. He said that the air filters plus air cleaners that his Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment supplier sells can undoubtedly help.

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