I always check my list

I fired my old, plastic dial thermostat. I’d relied on it for over twenty years, but when my HVAC technician came for our yearly service visit, she explained all about the latest smart technology. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my simple dial thermostat. It was easy to use and it kept the temperature relatively steady. It wasn’t perfectly accurate, but it was close enough. I assumed my monthly bills were exactly what they should be. But when she mentioned the potential cost savings of a smart control unit, I had to do some research. I read about several models currently on the market and was pleasantly surprised by the technological advancements. In the age of wireless technology, thermostats now offer touch screens that connect to the internet. They can adjust each component in the HVAC system and they include room sensors. That’s where the real money savings happens. The sensors in each room register when the area is empty or occupied. This avoids the unnecessary cost of heating and cooling empty rooms. Over the first month after the new thermostat was installed, it tracked temperature settings as well as our preferences. It then generated a program, and now automatically adjusts either the heating or the cooling in order to conserve energy or optimize comfort. I appreciate how easy it is to use via an app on my smartphone. We could be on our way home earlier than usual or heading out of town on vacation and the smart thermostat can be adjusted to have the house at a comfortable temperature. It is especially nice when I’m curled up on the couch and don’t want to get up to adjust the thermostat. It’s almost like a personal assistant; one that I would never fire.

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