I finally started understanding

It took us many years to save for a home of our own, but it finally happened. We were so excited to be moving from an apartment into a home that we’d rushed out to survey the area in which we wanted to live. We knew we wanted a large house with a basement and a a garage. We also wanted a big enough yard so the kids could play outside. It took several weeks to find the perfect place, but we did. The house had enough bedrooms and bathrooms for each of the kids. I loved the basement for my crafting studio and my husband loved all the space in the garage for his tools. The kids immediately took to the yard where they did cartwheels and ran from end to end. This was it; then we saw the heating system. Since this was an older home, it was equipped with a boiler unit. These types of heating units use water to move heat through the house instead of using the air. Neither my husband nor I had ever had any experience with boilers. We had always had traditional furnace systems. Our local HVAC technician assured us that we would enjoy the features of having a boiler heating system. Because boilers use water instead of the air, there are fewer allergens to deal with We also thought boilers were noisy, expensive, and dirty. And all the horror stories of boilers breaking down in the dead of winter were atrocious. We’ve now lived here for many years, and are glad to be proven wrong. We’ve never had a complaint with our old boiler heating system, especially after hiring a top-notch HVAC specialist to provide annual service and inspections of our system. The boiler continues to run without a problem. Most impressive, however, is that It runs without any noise. The temperature is constant throughout our home. Our HVAC specialist showed us how to create heating zones so each family member can customize comfort features to their personal preferences. We are please with its performance and efficiency.

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