I need to remain current

I am considering taking the training course to become an HVAC technician. I know that they are in demand, which makes me feel fairly secure that I’ll always have a job. I did some research and found out quite a bit about what the HVAC field is all about. For one thing, seasoned heating and cooling specialists can easily earn sixty thousand dollars a year on average. Government statistics indicate that job security for HVAC techs is really high. As a matter of fact, the demand for HVAC technicians has increased by twenty one percent. The reason for such high growth within the field is due to the influx of new technology available. And since older HVAC equipment is less efficient and obviously aging, there will always be a demand to repair and replace it. There has been a continued increase in new installations and with it, new maintenance needs. This means that HVAC companies will be busier than ever before in the future. There are  many different types of jobs within the HVAC industry in addition to the technicians. Since the boom in the HVAC industry, you could be hired as a manager of a heating and cooling company. The manager is responsible for overseeing installation and repair of projects. Then there are HVAC installers, engineers, and refrigeration tech specialists. HVAC installers install, repair and maintain a building’s heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Comparatively, HVAC engineers design systems, work with installers, improve a system’s maintenance, and engineer repairs. They can work directly for an HVAC company or for design firms, government agencies, or HVAC equipment manufacturers. The more I look into it, the more I am convinced that the HVAC field is for me.

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