Furnace filter issues

Last year was the hottest summer season on record. Nobody in my family had experienced quite as much heat as we had the previous year. We all spent days and days in our air conditioning, which was completely cranked up at all times. Then, any chance we had, we went to public places to visit their cooled facilities. Even the public pool was just not an option. Not only was it completely packed with swimmers and people trying to beat the heat, but it was also just too tepid for us to even consider going outside anyway. It was an absolute danger to our health and I refused to subject my kids to such dangerous heat. So this year we wisely opted to prepare better for this hot season. Since our HVAC system wasn’t that old, we didn’t feel it necessary to completely replace it. In any case, we wanted to make sure it would be able to do the job for us. Before the hot season was due to start, we got a complete and thorough examination of our whole HVAC system. The air conditioning and all of the air ducts went through extensive evaluations. The HVAC companies were not surprisingly busy at this time of year in our area with other families going through the exact same initiation and preparation phase. We changed the air filters and got a few extras to keep at the house just in case. We got many recommendations and tips from the HVAC technician on the coming heatwave, too. This year, we were determined to stay cool and beat the heat no matter the circumstances.

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