A leather sofa here

Purchasing attempts at Tuscan furniture from a store in the US is enjoy going to Olive Garden and expecting to get authentic Sicilian, it’s never going to happen. The truth of the matter is is, today’s furniture stores are designed to meet the needs of the masses. Because of this, they’re often geared toward what’s sizzling right now, followed by basic designs which are made to work everywhere; Or, as our partner and I love to joke, look equally boring plus unobtrusive somewhere you put them. This is how you get a home with no soul. The furniture of the lake house should match the look and feel of the home. This is why when our partner plus I purchased our stunning Tuscan style villa, we realized getting the right furniture would be a body of work. The two of us sold most of what the people I was with and I had, and used it to obtain some furniture for the new house. But we didn’t buy it from a box store or any kind of furniture outlet. Instead, the people I was with and I went to the only place we trust with high end furniture: our local custom made furniture store. Like the other guys, they keep the basics in stock for those just looking for something plain. Then for the more refined clients enjoy our partner plus I, they focus in custom build furniture for homes of all eras plus styles, and a whole household of custom Tuscan beauty? They were not only happy to help, but enthusiastic to do so… Everything from the type of wood to the upholstery to the metal touches have been custom picked by our design team plus approved by my lovely partner and I, but custom built furniture may cost a pretty penny, but we almost constantly get exactly what the people I was with and I want. Plus, it lasts for years and years.

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