Free gym memberships are a great introduction to healthy living

With so long having passed since I have been active, I’ve found that as I aged, my metabolism slowed way down.

Plus, my energy dropped off, and it becomes simple for me to be content on the couch day in and day out.

It snuck up on myself and others over the course of several years! Well, until one day when I realized I had become a lazy slob! Sitting on the couch after work was about all I did. Every journey starts with a single step, which is usually admitting to a problem and making a call. I reached out to an old neighbor of mine, who was working as a personal fitness trainer at a local gym in town. I didn’t have a gym membership at the time, nor had I done any difficult exercise in several years. I was intimidated, understandably. My neighbor calmed me down though, and invited me to come to the gym the next day. She would supply me with a free personal fitness class to see if I liked it! She said she was starting myself and others like me off with the basic fitness class, which is the one intended for people like me. If I weren’t so out of shape, I would have taken offense! But, at the time it seemed like the wise choice for where I was barely an hour long, and it was more exercise then I had experienced in several years! It wiped me out properly. My neighbor told me that the membership was a trial, so I was welcome to come back.