Getting Used to Living Without A/C is a Common Subject in Online Videos

I have a burning desire to semi-retire in four years.

I have never really been paid very much throughout my lifetime of working, so I never really was able to save a lot for retirement.

Now, I am on a mission to pay off debt, save as much as possible, and find a way to cut back to part-time work in four years. I think that may mean moving to another country, even if I have to do it for only 6 months at a time. Because of my interest in this, I watch a lot of online videos about becoming an expat. Because they discuss the frugal lifestyle in these other countries, one of the subjects that often arises is getting used to living without a/c. I do know that people in other countries do not use the air conditioning as much as we do. In fact, many do not even have an air conditioner in their house at all. I find this incredible, and I am more than willing to admit that I think I may be addicted to the a/c. In fact, the worry over air conditioning is the main reason I have for being concerned about whether or not I truly can live in a different country. The online video say that it is not difficult to enjoy the natural thermostat reading once you get used to it, but I still feel I may not be able to endure a life without air conditioning. I guess in four years we will see how desperate I am to semi-retire.

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