Saving tips

I didn’t know that the average homeowner can save $100 a year, if they wash their clothing in cold water.  I’ve been using cold water for years, and that’s a lot of money I’ve saved. They also tell you that switching to energy saving light bulbs will use one fourth energy of regular bulbs.  LED lights are also a great source for saving energy. I didn’t know that the HVAC system is one of the biggest wasters when it comes to energy efficiency. The HVAC system can cause as much as a 30% rise in your energy bills.  One of the easiest ways to save energy when using the HVAC, is to make sure you change your air filters regularly. When the furnace or air conditioning air filter is dirty, the airflow is slowed. The slowing of the airflow mean it is going to take more energy to push air through the air filters.  When the energy is increased, your energy bills also increase. My husband and I recently had an Energy Efficiency test done on our home. We found out that the old insulation in our home was allowing more than 20% of the our heating and air conditioning to escape from the house. It was like we were opening the windows and throwing our money away.  We called the HVAC company and asked them to seal our ductwork, and we also put foam insulation in our attic and windows. We replaced the drafty guards that were in the home entrance ways. It wasn’t hard to feel the difference in our home. I haven’t seen a big change in our energy bills yet, but we can feel the difference just in our air quality.