Cleaning ductwork is boring

I’m at mom’s house enjoying the solitude of no loud family here and am going to do some writing for a while. My mom just went to church and I am here alone with my thoughts. I broke down today and said Merry Christmas to an old lover just because I miss her so much and was hoping she felt the same. She is probably with someone though and my words will just get lost out in space. I’ve been on my own for a year now and would love to find someone to share time with. Cleaning ductwork can be a lonely feeling, especially when you know you have to go back home by yourself. Well, at least I now have a roommate back overseas so when I work all day I have someone to share my life with. I met her at this local business and she moved in with me a month ago and brought her cat to join us. The only problem is that her cat can be a bit mean to my two cats and I’m hoping it doesn’t turn my cats into mean ones too. I work a lot for the heating corp doing A/C and heating device repairs and just want to come home to a home filled with love and happy animals. I like my roommate and I hope that we can keep living together in peace for some time to come. The heating device in my home is good at keeping the place warm on really cold days like they are having there now.

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