She expected us to come to his home at 3AM to turn the space furnace on.

My mom has some quirky ways about her… One of the worst is that he is constantly reminding us that he is the mom plus we owe his bringing us into this world, he says he gave us a great education, plus taught us how to be great people, plus he deserves more than just our love… What he thinks he deserves is our time plus knowledge, regardless of the time of day.

  • I am an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional, plus our mom will call me all times of day or night because he thinks there is something wrong with the heating or the air conditioning, last week, he called me at 3 AM to come to the home plus turn the space furnace on.

She had a brand modern furnace, plus I could not understand why he needed the space heater. She told me that Fluffy, his pet, was shivering, plus he wanted to supply him a sizzling location to sleep. He constantly slept by his bed, however the floor was too chilly for Fluffy. I told his I was an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional, plus I didn’t make home calls to plug electrical cords in. I was going to hang up when he screamed that I owed her. I got in the car, blocked in the space furnace plus headed toward the door. She yelled that I hadn’t checked the furnace. If the furnace hadn’t quit toiling, he would not have needed the space heater. When he blocked in the space heater, the breaker switch flipped plus turned the furnace off. I had to get our sibling to the home to get everything off the breaker switch that should have been dedicated for the furnace.

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