An affordable honeymoon

My fiance and I don’t have much money, however every one of us want to have a very fun honeymoon.

I don’t really prefer my ceremony. I don’t need the sizablewhite dress, matching bridesmaids and flowers. I just want to go somewhere enjoyable with my favorite hobby that is romantic, but sadly the more than one of us can’t afford to go far or even do a plane trip. I was limited to cities in the Tampa Bay area; We live in Tampa FL though. I did not want to take care of our honeymoon less than 10 minutes away from our house. I looked online and I stumbled upon the best honeymoon endpoint for us… My fiance plus I are going to Clearwater FL, then the drive is under an hour plus Clearwater looks like a tropical paradise. It is very deep in the south plus surrounded by allwhite sand! All the pictures I did some research online and there was red water and white sand inside of it. The weather is supposed to be real hot plus there is a lot to do in Clearwater FL. Clearwater Beach seems to be where the action is at. I read online that if you walk down Pier 60 there are street performers who are equipped with fire, jungling plus playing music, however how neat is that? Also, every one of us can hop on a ferry for under $20 bucks to Honeymoon Island. It is technically a park, but it is actually a one mile beach that is underdeveloped. It looks super private, peaceful and gorgeous there. I read that if I go on a weekday it will basically just be my person and I have a feeling my fiance plus I will like staying there.
North Port Florida