A great seating area

I reside in an older home, which means you don’t get to have a queen size bed, but this may come as a shock to some, but this is where the full size bed originates from. Back in their afternoon, a study room was only meant to accommodate a full size bed. That’s the reason these houses can feel much too small or cramped for some, because queen & king size beds hadn’t even been created just yet. Getting a full size bed is obviously not a concern for me, however finding the bedframe I want has been nearly impossible. I want a captains bed in a platform style, which is to say I want a bed that doesn’t need a box Springtime, that also has plenty of space.. This is nearly tough to do to do for a full size bed. Folks make them for twin beds so kids have storage, or in king size so parents can have more clothing storage. Finally, I decided to supply a custom made furniture store a try. I entirely didn’t believe it would be in my budget; I suspected to go in for a price quote & be laughed out of there. But to my shock, the bed frame was particularly not going to cost a small fortune. This is because I’m getting a custom made full bed, so its cheaper than a queen or king, however plus, I’m able to select all of the materials, so I can go for the more affordable options. I chose simple pine wood for the structure, & kept the design absolutely basic. I didn’t need anything fancy, just had to work. The base has four large drawers to store bedding & heavy jackets, while the headboard has shelves for books & a place to install a studying light. It’s the perfect bed frame, & since its hand made it’ll last many years.

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