Loud sound from furnace

I was about to head out the door and head to work when I heard a very loud screeching coming from my furnace.

I knew something wasn’t right so I went downstairs to where the furnace is installed and I couldn’t see anything and I didn’t hear any more screeching so I went back upstairs.

I decided to check my thermostat to see if there was anything out of the ordinary but everything still seemed normal. Just to check for extra measures, I decided to call our local heating and cooling technician. My husband and I are very lucky that our heating and cooling technician lives right next door to us and if there’s every something wrong with our heating the cooling system, our neighbor has always told us to give him a call. I figured he had to be awake or maybe even on the road to a job. So I called him and I caught him as he was leaving for work. He was at our house within minutes and ask me to describe the sound that I heard. I showed him where I heard the sound which was coming from the furnace in the basement. He took out his pad and paper and did a multi-point inspection of our furnace. It turns out that the blower belt went bad. The blower belt started to fray which caused a slight malfunction to our blower motor which is why I was hearing a very loud screeching noise. According to our heating and cooling technician it was an easy fix and it was a good thing that we got these issues fixed before it caused any more damage to our furnace. Thank goodness we have a heating and cooling technician as a neighbor because I don’t think we would have been able to get a technician over fast enough.
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