Looking forward to ac

Now that the weather is getting warmer out my friend and I have to beginning beginning to feel about our a/c units.

  • My good friend and I need to make sure that our a/c units will run efficiently plus reliable throughout the Spring plus summertime temperatures.

I can remember last Spring time when I was turning on my a/c component it was not coming on at all. Some easy checks that I did to ensure that my a/c was absolutely not working at all was that I made sure that the thermostat was set to cool, plus it was. I also tried replacing the batteries in my thermostat plus I even tested the circuit breaker box. After doing all of these easy checks I could not figure out why my a/c component was not working. Instead of trying to repair the issue myself plus tinkering with my a/c component plus making more of a problem, I decided to call my heating cooling serviceman. It turns out that there was ice on my a/c condenser unit. Because my a/c component is older it was not able to handle the humidity plus heat as it once could. My heating plus cooling serviceman turned the a/c component off all together plus put the fan on. He did this by controlling the air conditioning system through the thermostat. My Heating plus A/C serviceman also told me that I should wait a few hours so the component could beginning its defrost mode. He said within the next 3 hours once it’s defrosted try turning it back on to see if it will labor again. And it did! I was able to have cool air running through my air registers once again!


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