Lost technicians

My brother is a local town cop.

Sometimes when we have small family gatherings he’ll talk about his newest arrest and talk about some crazy stories that he’s experienced while trying to arrest people and stories he has heard throughout the police department.

The stories are very comedic. This week my brother told me that he pulled over the well-known heating and cooling technician in our area. My brother said that he was going 50 miles an hour into a 30 mile per hour speed limit zone. According to my brother the technician had no idea that the speed limit changed. My brother thinks that he was speeding because he was late for a heating and cooling appointment. I laughed and told my brother that I had a heating and cooling technician come to our house that same day to do some maintenance on our heating and cooling system. My brother asked me about what time did he show up to my house and I told him 3pm.My brother said it must have been the same guy because my brother pulled over a heating and cooling technician at 2:45 pm. I gave my brother the heating and cooling technicians name and my brother said that it was the same guy. It was a little funny because the heating and cooling technician must have been running behind because he was about 5 minutes late to my house. Whether he was 5 minutes or 10 minutes late, his tardiness wouldn’t have been an issue because we really needed our heating and cooling system maintenanced and he does an excellent job.

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