HVAC makes noises

Who know that heating and cooling systems could make specific noises that would alert the homeowner to get assistance as soon as possible. I never knew that this was possible until I read an article in the newspaper the other weekend. Currently my heating system makes a strange noise when it turns on but I don’t think that this specific noise falls under the category on having to reach out and get assistance. The article was very informative as it talked about the different noises and what those noises could mean for your heating and cooling system. The first moyes described a loud pop or bang when the furnace turns on. Some reasons why there could be a loud pop or bang is that there is a dirty furnace burner, the air ducts are expanding and contracting because it needs to be repaired as the air ducts could be undersized, a vent could be closed or a clogged air filter. After I read this type of sound I realized that my parents were just complaining about their heating and cooling system doing this. I immediately called my parents and told him that they need to check to see if their air filter is clogged. My mom told me that their air filter was not clogged. Next I told them that their furnace burner may be dirty and that they need to call a heating and cooling technician to take a look at their air ducts to see if the air ducts are leaking or undersized. My parents just bought this house and I don’t think that they had a heating and cooling technician inspect the heating and cooling system before they were thinking of purchasing it. I’m hoping that their HVAC just needs to be cleaned and that’s why it’s making a loud pop when the furnace turns on.


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