Zoos Must Have Crazy HVAC Systems

Zoos are pretty cool.

  • Some people think zoos are bad.

I do not think that is always the case. Some animals are endangered, and also some animals have a hard time in the wild, so in a zoo they are safe. I get that some animals might get really bored, and some animals might react really badly to not being free. I think that is a fair point. Some of the animals at zoos do not look like they are having a great time. Animals have their own personalities so each one seems to react differently pretty much. Still, some of them seem to be doing basically what they would in the wild, just at the zoo it is safer. One thing that must be crazy at zoos is the HVAC system though! Think about it. There are animals that live in the arctic, and animals that live in tropical jungles. They can’t all have the same HVAC system. Some animals are going to need extreme heating, and others extreme cooling. Others would need the same kind of temperature control that humans need. But the climate control energy bills at zoos must be crazy! Penguins love to be cold, but parrots love to be hot. And that is just the birds! There must be so many different commercial HVAC systems in zoos that it is not even funny. Forget zoned HVAC, zoos must have a whole world of HVAC. I wonder if the animals ever go up to the heating and cooling vents and wonder what the heck they are.

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