Zoned HVAC Solves Everyone’s Complaints

Our house is really more chaos than it is order.

My wife and I thought it would be a grand idea to have a big family.

We may be rethinking that now. There are 2 adults, 5 children and 3 pets vying for space and attention in my house. This leads to plenty of yelling and constant confrontation. Honestly, there have been instances where I thought maybe I’d just stay at my HVAC controlled office until everyone is asleep. It’s true and I am semi-ashamed. However, I do love leaving on a business trip and having my own bedroom and bath. It feels good to simply sit in silence when I am away. Still, coming home, I could not be happier to see my beautiful family and all their weirdness. So, just the other day I thought about what I could do to lessen some of the bigger issues. One of the family’s deepest concerns is the HVAC. No one is ever happy with the temperature setting. Someone is always too hot or too cold. I decided to see if there was something I could do to remedy the HVAC issue. The HVAC company we deal with has always been so good to us. They are always so professional and thorough. I trust them completely. So, when the HVAC guy suggested zone control HVAC, I knew I was in good hands even if I had no idea what that was. They came out a few days later to make our house a collection of HVAC zones instead of one thermostat. Now, the family could at least find comfort somewhere in the house as there were five independently controlled thermostats. I was impressed that the HVAC guys could do all this with my existing heating and cooling system.

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