Are you ready to move in?

Moving in with a guy or wifey requires a lot of difficult thought plus compromise.

If the 2 people who are moving in together for the long run are merging their single-life homes, it can get a bit messy. Who gets to decide to keep their own sofa in the new site? Which bed do we keep, or do we throw them out and just buy a new one all together? What happens if we split up? Why do you think we have so many root beer mugs? All of these factors must be overtly considered before the big move. Keep in mind that you will be living with this exact same person all day everyday. You will see the good, the poor plus the ugly of your partner overtime. Living with a partner who enjoys the temperature of the home to be other than what you personally are comfortable with can be detrimental to the relationship. Some people honestly sleep best with the ceiling fan on full blast plus the good old air conditioner down to arctic temperatures. On the other hand, some people sleep far more peacefully with the air conditioner set to 68. If you plus your partner are on opposite ends of this air conditioning spectrum, you might be in trouble, but being too sizzling or too freezing cold while trying to sleep can cause sleep disruptions, resulting in an unpleasant mood and feeling the next day. Compromise plus adjustment are honestly your only options. You could try taking turns of who has control of the Central Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. For example, every other night one of you gets the set the home Heating, Ventilation plus A/C control machine to what you find to be a highly desirable sleeping temperature. The unlucky partner will have to bundle up or learn to sleep with a lighter blanket that night!

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