Working and checking the heater

Have you ever been cold to the bone, so cold that no matter what you did you could not get warmer? That was the case last winter when my heating system stopped functioning. Unfortunately, as hot as it gets here, it gets just as cold in the winter. I could not believe the speed in which my house grew cold that evening. My family was wrapped up together in blankets desperately waiting for the HVAC technician to come to fix the heating unit. It seemed like forever before he arrived even though he was there in about an hour. It was game night and my two kids and wife and I were playing a game when the room began to get frosty. It did not take long for us all to get uncomfortable as it was snowing outside and temperatures were plummeting. I went to check the thermostat to find that it was not nearly as warm as we had set the furnace. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at that point so I picked up the phone and called our HVAC guy. I felt bad about having someone come out in the snowy weather, but my family and I could not stay in the house like this. The HVAC technician showed up and immediately knew what the problem was. He went to the laundry room and noticed the main power switch to the furnace had been switched off accidentally and flipped the switch and immediately we heard it kick on and thanked the repairman for coming out and making our home warm again so we could continue our game night!