Service tech for the people

HVAC repairmen are awesome people! They toil hard to keep your HVAC unit working properly, especially during the times we need them the most. I remember a Christmas that if it weren’t for the HVAC technician my family celebration would have gone cold, literally. Most of our relatives were over for Christmas dinner and we just sat down to eat when everyone began notice a distinct chill in the air. I got up to look at the thermostat and realized the temperature had dropped 20 whole degrees in a matter of an hour. The house was full of warm bodies, food had been cooking in the kitchen all day, so how was this possible? It wasn’t too long before the temperature fell even more. I placed a call to my HVAC guys and within the hour someone came over to check out our furnace. You see, I had a contract with them for maintenance and repair of my heating and air conditioning system. The technician checked out the heater and spotted the issue. It didn’t take him long to work out a solution, and he had the parts with him to fix it quickly. He got right on making our house comfortable again. The HVAC worker was in and out of the house within an hour and a half. We invited him to join us for dinner, but he had another service call to attend to The house began to warm back up to the temperature we had set on the thermostat. We all got back to enjoying Christmas dinner with each other!