Why am I typically so cold

I have a concern every time I go anywhere I am typically freezing cold.

My hubby gets genuinely frustrated with me because I am typically asking to wear his jacket or borrow something from him.

I wish I was being dramatic although I absolutely am frigid every time I walk into a building from outside. I typically have to ask steakhouses if they can turn up the temperature control so I can boiling up a little bit. This genuinely embarrasses my hubby,but I can’t help it! I wish I could change although I don’t feel I will ever be able to change this about myself. I typically have the temperature control in our property set to 70 degrees! When people walk in they typically complain that it is too warm. They typically ask if I have the heater turned on, although I just tell them I am typically frigid so I like to keep it warm, and normally if they are guests as well as not family I will just turn down the temperature control so they are comfortable. However, this also annoys my hubby. He wants me to change the temperature of the temperature control for him, although I am not willing to. He says it is selfish of me to typically keep the house at 70 degrees because he is typically perspiring as well as having to walk around with hardly any clothing on. I don’t feel my hubby as well as I will ever be able to compromise on the temperature of the house, so I know my friend and I will have to agree to disagree on the temperature control issue. I hope it doesn’t cause major issues later in our marriage.


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