What my records show

In order to get my lovely daughter enrolled in college, I needed to choice up her medical history forms from our primary health care, and you think how colleges are these nights. They want to make sure that all the people is modern on all of their shots in addition to check ups. When I went to choice up the records, the office staff told me that HIPAA regulations prevented them from handing me the files, and now, I’m not a HIPAA expert in addition to I don’t think entirely  much at all about HIPAA laws and regulations, even though I do think that I need my daughter’s information in order to get her placed into school for the fall year! It made me so mad that they were following their HIPAA risk analysis rules in addition to HIPAA risk assessment regulations instead of working with me and handing over her information to me… It’s care about it was under lock in addition to key! It was so frustrating that I almost started yelling at them, and but I knew that they entirely  couldn’t help it at all since the HIPAA rules in addition to regulations are so strict in addition to I knew that they were scared of losing their jobs or even getting a hefty good if they broke the rules, but so I tried to restrain myself from flying off the handle at them. I guess it makes sense since my child is already almost 17 that she would need to come in addition to choice up her medical records herself. I just didn’t love being inconvenienced whatsoever. I think deep down that the HIPAA laws are in venue for the protection of the patient, though.

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