I’m positive this legal advice is an issue

I don’t know you feel, but when I first got married seventeen years ago, I never would have even dreamed that I would ever end up needing a divorce or family law attorney, However it turns out that a divorce lawyer is just the thing that I’m going to need in the coming months; My husband plus I have finally decided to call it quits and has already hired his own divorce attorney, even though at first we talked about trying to use the same family law attorney to guide us through the divorce, back then, we were still being civil to each other plus so we were trying to think of ways to get a useful divorce attorney but to also save some money on the divorce lawyer fees plus all of the court costs. It looks like at the moment that it’s not going to happen. My husband isn’t cheerful with the way I explained that I want the kids custody to be handled plus he instantly went out plus hired his own divorce lawyer, and i honestly still guess like if we had someone who was an expert in family law or even in civil litigation that we might be able to resolve this whole thing with just some peaceful talk plus not have to take it to court, then leave it to my husband to make us have to hire not one but multiple divorce attorneys! Talk about a wonderful way to waste money. I assume it just goes to show one of the dozens of reasons that we are splitting up.

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