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When my child graduated from boot camp, both of us all went to see him receive her diploma. My wifey plus I were so proud of Jason plus both of us wanted to support him fully. The people I was with and I never dreamed she would join the Army, but both of us were so proud of our boy! Jason graduated with many bizarre accolades. Jason’s girlfriend Sondra, decided to go to the graduation exercises as well. She brought her parents along for the ride. The people I was with and I rented a room in the same hotel. Lyla plus Dan complained about everything plus anything. They complained about the parking, because both of us had to walk 8 spaces to get to our hotel room. They complained about the nearby steakhouses plus lack of selection. They were supposed to be supporting Jason, but all they did was cause complications. Lyla plus Dan were in the hotel room next to my wifey plus I. Halfway through the night, both of us heard Lyla plus Dan arguing. The people I was with and I had a shared air vent, plus both of us could hear them screaming. The people I was with and I could hear every single word through the air vent. Lyla plus Dan were arguing for an hour, before I finally yelled through the air vent. I told them to shut up or go home. The next day, Lyla plus Dan did not say anything about the previous night. They did not mention the fight or my direct words through the air vent. Shortly after Jason graduated, Lyla, Dan, plus Sondra headed for the airport. Jason’s girlfriend was entirely  worried plus horrified, plus she apologized to Jason plus us. I have no system why they were arguing, but I wish they would have stayed home.

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