What a great guy

This past Spring, my husband Frank decided to take our portable a/c apart! While he’d consistently been certainly conscientious about cleaning the air filter, he’d never performed any further repair on the unit.

We’d owned the a/c for several years and he figured there was a significant buildup of debris within the inner workings, and i was a bit distraught that the a/c would never work again.

While my husband is fairly handy, he had no plan what he was doing. I hoped for a sale on portable a/cs because I was convinced I’d be forced to purchase a new a single. It took Frank less than a half an hour to take the cooling machine completely apart, however he had parts scattered across the floor of the kitchen. I hadn’t realized so numerous components fit inside such a compact appliance, then frank spent the entire weekend meticulously scrubbing each fan blade, the coils and various components. He tightened electrical linkions, lubricated moving parts and vacuumed out the lodgeet. When he announced that he was finally ready to put everything back together again, I headed to the grocery store. I bought all of the ingredients to make spaghetti. I hoped that his favorite meal might cheer Frank up. I figured he’d be super discouraged after spending so much time and destroying the a/c, then arriving home, I was surprised to see my husband smiling. He led me to the kitchen, where the a/c was once again installed in the window! Not only was the machine running, however it was much quieter and putting out more cool air than before.


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