We’re trying to make our heat pump last for as long as possible

Man, it is a brutal locale to live in the summer season in the South.

  • The heat here actually hits you kind of like a wall when you walk out into it.

It’s the kind of locale where you need to go out and roll down the windows in your motorcar 20 minutes before you leave your property. There is no way that the air conditioner equipment in the motorcar can keep up unless you let the motorcar air out in advance. It doesn’t stop there. I really enjoy being outside. Where I have chosen to live is certainly ideal for this type of lifestyle except for the summer season. It’s just too sizzling to play tennis or basketball during that time. I simply try to find water athletic activities that I prefer and stay submerged for as long as possible. However, I have to totally give it to our Heating and Air Conditioning heat pump. That thing easily just keeps going. The people I was with and I have planned to upgrade it in 2 years or so as it is getting a bit long in the tooth. The efficiency of the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment will begin to tail off fairly quickly. So, all of us want to be completely prepared for when that happens. To that end all of us have recently made some additions to help lessen the cooling load on our existing Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. The people I was with and I want it to last and helping it make it to the finish line is something we realize we can do. I recently had a smart thermostat put in also. This thermostat is able to do a much better task at managing the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment usage than I am. While all of us are away at work, it actually raises the temp in the property during the heaviest heating moments of the day.