Are Oil Heaters Really Out Of Style Today?

You really don’t hear people talk about oil heaters much these days.

About the only place you hear about oil heaters is when reading about assorted heating and air conditioning products on websites dedicated to HVAC companies. I personally have not even thought about oil heaters since I was a kid, and showing my age, that was several decades ago now. So the main question here is, are oil heaters actually out of style today? And if they are, why are they still mentioned from just about every single last heating and air conditioning company on the planet? The answer is simple…they are not exactly out of style, but it is becoming less and less that the general consumer is even thinking about, or looking at oil heaters based on my recent research that I did on the subject. The reason I was even doing the research in the first place, is because I work for a market researching company that takes this kind of information down for several different clients. And, obviously, this project of research into the current popularity of an oil heater was from some heating and air conditioning business. My guess is, once they got the results of the market research, that particular HVAC company would make the decision on weather or not they are going to continue keeping oil heaters in stock at their business. It makes sense really. Back in the 90’s, we did a similar market research project on window air conditioning units. At that time, it was looking like the central HVAC system was taking over, and the window air conditioning units were being phased out.

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