We’re enjoying this stage

My youngest kid turned 15 last month so we’ve been practicing driving for his long awaited driver’s test. Kids can get their license as young as 15.5 years old where we live. My kid is a good driver although he does often forget to use his signal light. This past weekend, we were driving on the highway for the first time. My son faithfully obeyed the speed limit however every car around us was whizzing past. He was attempting to change lanes when a big box truck came racing up behind us. And unfortunately, the truck driver never bothered using his turn signal so my kid did not realize he was switching lanes. The truck slammed into our car because we were switching lanes at the same time. None of us sustained any life-threatening injuries, thank goodness.The back of the truck was filled with boxes of air filters. When the truck collided with our car, several of the boxes of air filters fell out of the back and onto the highway. There were dozens of air filters flying and twirling about and since the air filters are very light weight, they were landing on everything imaginable. The highway was a giant mess. When the police and fire crew got there, they cleaned the interstate in 10 minutes. They had firemen frantically running on the highway, gathering all of the air filters. The driver of the truck was given a huge ticket for failure to use his turn signal. My adorable son was absolutely terrified but I used the experience as an important lesson. I doubt he will ever forget to use his turn signal.

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