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The greater Tampa Bay area is a majorly populated city, and it’s the area on the west coast of Florida surrounding the Tampa Bay area of Hillsborough County. If you don’t necessarily want to live in the populated area of Tampa Bay, Florida, there are quite a few surrounding areas that are superb arenas full of charm! These outskirts of the Tampa, Florida area are genuinely nice arenas to live plus even to raise a family, if that’s the type of spot that you are looking for. When my hubby plus I were looking to move down to Tampa Bay, Florida, the two of us did a lot of online research to see if the two of us could discover the kind of family friendly community that the two of us wanted. That way, whenever the two of us traveled down to the Tampa area, the two of us could leave Tampa International Airport plus then right away begin our house hunt in the areas the two of us knew that the two of us would be interested in staying in… Both of us found a few different communities that were at the top of our lists for a few different reasons. The first one that the two of us found that the two of us really liked was the Tarpon Springtimes, Florida community. There weren’t a whole lot of properties there in our price range, though, so the two of us also made the decision to look at the Carrollwood plus Bloomingdale suburbs of Tampa as well. Both of these areas are truly low crime, quiet, diversified, plus superb for raising a family. Both of us ended up getting a property in the Fish Hawk suburb of Tampa Bay, though. It’s easily kid-friendly, plus the two of us have found that the two of us love our neighbors plus having everything that the two of us need close by. Also it’s a short distance into Tampa Bay if the two of us need to head into the city.

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