A little rental house

My hubby Bobby is definitely obsessed with fishing. Where we reside, which is close to one of the great lakes, he is regularly out on his little boat fishing for perch and walleye and steelhead and even white bass. Similar to most fishermen, the one lake where we reside is not nearly enough of a place for him to fish! He wants to go fishing every single place that he can! So for his 40th birthday celebration this past year, I decided to set him up with some fishing charter trips down in Tampa, FL with his sibling. I got them tickets to fly into Tampa International Airport and they took a rental car to this little rental property I booked for them in the suburb Holiday, FL. There was a charter company located there that would take them out for day long fishing charters. It was called Seal in the Sun charters and they essentially focus on serving most of the downtown Tampa and Clearwater Beach areas in the Tampa Bay area. This Seal in the Sun Charter Company was really fantastic. They have excellent guides and they took my hubby and his sibling all the way from Clearwater to the New Port Richey area. They said that they caught a ton of fish, but that the sizable sea bass that my hubby caught on his baitcaster was certainly his trophy fish. They took plenty of pictures of it and they even posted it on the Tampa Bay Tourism website as a publicity photo! My hubby let me know when he got back to our property from his trip that his birthday trip in Tampa Bay, FL had been the best ever.

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