We need to get down

I’m truly passionate about cooking and baking. When i am not working our full time task, you will find me in the home office. My partner often tells me to sit down and relax. Secretly i assume he doesn’t want me to because he prefers all the food and goodies i prepare. It’s nice that he tries to convince me to sit down, however it doesn’t work. I rather cook and bake instead of sitting on the couch eating tons of food. It’s our way to escape reality. My partner is the one that is the handyman in our house. He knows how to maintenance a lot of things which is nice because it saves us currency in the long run. He makes sure everything in our home is in tip top shape and good working condition. He even knows a lot about our Heating and A/C system. Both of us have never had a problem with our Heating and A/C not working. Our A/C works amazing, and so does our heat. My partner stays on top of changing the air filters too. I didn’t even assume the Heating and A/C equipment had air filters. He told me that since our Heating and A/C method gets used year-round, both of us need to change the air filters every 3 weeks. Sometimes he even needs to change them more than that. It helps the Heating and A/C equipment run more efficiently. He told me it’s a truly easy process to change an air filter, and he knows how good it is for the Heating and A/C equipment when he changes them often. It’s nice that i am successful in the baking/cooking section and he is good at the handyman work/our Heating and A/C system. It evens out and both of us job together great as a team.