I knew that’s what we needed

One of the biggest tragedies in my family of late was the passing of my older brother. He was really a talented Heating & Air Conditioning worker, as well as a skilled painter and a regular comedian. One the best in his company, he was working to make my home’s garage a nice hangout area for guests, friends and of course, his family before his passing. Having pieced together a lovely bar for drinks, he hooked up a sharp-looking ductless mini-split Heating & Air Conditioning system in there to boot! There was a little bit of polishing up around the garage, as well as some things that needed to be finished up here and there. Still, we wanted to make my older brother’s efforts count, so a bunch of us got together to finish the hangout spot in memory of him. My mother and aunts worked to craft a lovely quilt out of his old clothes, and every one of us hung that up on the wall in the garage in memoriam. We also had a ping pong table in there which was his favorite pastime, and often spanked me at the game! We also have a lot of comfortable seating inside there, and people could just relax as he intended. He was a entirely social guy, and he had so many friends! Now my friends and family will visit several times a month or more, just to chill out in his spot that we finished for him. Everyone compliments his work with the Heating & Air Conditioning mini-split, as the locale is infinitely more comfortable than it ever was in the past. No matter what time of year it happens to be, it’s always comfy at my late brother’s hangout spot!

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