We have an awesome home

This last Christmas too funny! Our youngest daughter who is 3 years old, came and woke us up and said somebody broke into our house, and I got up right away because I thought all the presents and everything might have been stolen if somebody broke in, she showed myself and others the Christmas Tree and said that all these presents were not here and somebody broke in and left them there. I laughed and our wife came behind myself and others and then she told our wife that somebody broke into the house and left a bunch of stuff there, however my wife said she was going to brew some Tim Hortons Coffee and adjust the control unit to get the gas furnace running. She wanted myself and others to explain the whole Santa Claus thing to our daughter. So I explained that there is somebody by the name of Santa Claus who travels around the world and gives wonderful kids and guys presents on Christmas. I felt awkward explaining all this to our daughter who thought somebody absolutely broke in, and truthfully she still thought this Santa Claus guy broke into our house. She said we did not provide him permission to come into the house and after that we let our wife explain the rest to her so she would understand. Our daughter is incredibly smart, so it was somewhat difficult telling her all of this, then when she opened her presents though, she was certainly enthusiastic that Santa Claus broke into our house to provide her presents! One present that I was enthusiastic about was the new smart control unit that my wife got me. I hurriedly hooked up the new smart control unit, so we could start using it right away with our Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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