I’m trying to get control

I have been a house cleaner for years now. There is one thing I love about newer bigger houses, the AC equipment. Most of the newer houses have smart HVAC systems or at a minimum some central AC installed in them. The great part about the smart HVAC or central cooling is that I can set the temperature to whatever I want. If you have never done intense cleaning before, you probably are not aware of how sweaty you can get if there is no AC. The best is when the houses have installed central air conditioning as well as a  high velocity A/C unit. By changing the thermostat to be a couple of degrees cooler I can get a great cooling temperature for my tasks. I do genuinely good work and I don’t get sleepy if the cooling is just right. The houses with good quality AC genuinely get a way better cleaning from me. That said, the houses without good AC usually get a pretty horrible cleaning. On the other side of this, it is also nice to have heating when it’s colder outside. If I could choose between heating and cooling though, I would chose cooling. A small amount of the homes that I work for don’t have even one form of cooling. Cleaning the homes without A/C is too much for me. With all of the work that I do, involving twisting and bending, I would consider it a workout. Just like you would not work out without AC, why would someone expect that I would enjoy cleaning without AC? The amount of lifting I do is just like lifting weight… Nobody would expect a person at the gym to be ok with no AC. I feel that I should not be treated  any different. Cleaning involves so much lifting and stretching to reach things like dusty corners or far away air vents. It is essential for me to have good cooling just like it is for a work out. I wish it wasn’t true, but if there is no AC in the house, it will not get very clean.

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