We can’t ignore that problem

My child is obsessed with candy corn. It’s his absolute preferred candy & he waits all year for the fall season to roll around just so that he can find it in all the stores. She absolutely tries to stockpile it under his bed in his room so that he can have it year round. Well, last year, he had a large stash of candy corn in a plastic bag under his bed. This was all well & good until our pet snuck into his room & ripped open the bag. Then the pet got the bag tangled around his leg & dragged it through the cabin & down the stairs. There was candy corn everywhere, including inside our heating & air conditioning vents. The candy corn in the A/C vents wasn’t absolutely a large deal because the only air coming out of there was cooling the cabin off. But when the temperatures outside dropped & the people I was with and I had to turn on the gas furnace, it was a bizarre story! It turns out that when you turn the gas furnace on & the heating comes rushing through the heating vents, it melts the candy corn. I assume the people I was with and I should have thought about this before & had our ventilation idea cleaned out. As it turns out, the people I was with and I had to call the Heating, Ventilation & A/C company downtown to come & do a complete air duct cleaning because candy corn ended up melting & running down inside all of our air vents! It was such a sticky mess but at least it smelled nice & sweet whenever the gas furnace kicked on.

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